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General conditions

The deployment of volunteers within the diocese of Trier takes place under consideration of different general conditions. These include:

Attention should be paid to the following general conditions:

  • The stay

    Volunteers from non-EU countries require a visa for entering Germany. This needs to be applied at an early stage from the volunteers at the German embassy in your home country. The volunteers from SoFiA e.V. will receive a signed BFD agreement, an insurance certificate and a letter of invitation to apply for a visa. The volunteers or the foreign partner organisation is responsible for an early and correct application.

    Volunteers from countries within the EU do not require a visa in order to enter to Germany.

  • Arrival and departure

    The arrival to as well as the departure from Germany is organized by the foreign partner organizations in consultation with SoFiA eV. The cost of transportation shall be borne from SoFiA e.V.

  • Beginning of Service and duration

    In Germany the Service always starts at the end of January. Usually the duration of the voluntary service is 12 months. In exceptional cases an extension to 18 months is possible.

  • Pocket money

    For his work the volunteer receives a monthly allowance of 300 Euro. The Pocket money is neither salary nor wages. It is directly paid to the volunteer by the deployment site. Furthermore, the employment site is contractually obliged to pay the resulting social security contributions.

  • Accommodation

    During that year the volunteers will be accommodated with a host family, a small private apartment or in a room / apartment within the deployment site. This depends on the local circumstances. SoFiA e.V. will subsidise accommodation costs.

  • Cost regulation

    All other costs (eg travel expenses to the deployment site or meals during working hours) need to be paid by the volunteers. If possible a refund (or partial refund) of these costs can be agreed prior to the commencement of service with the responsibles within the deployment site.

    Other costs for participating in additional activities (holiday camps, excursions, etc.) for personal needs (Internet, telephone, etc.) and for self-inflicted costs (loss of documents etc.) shall be borne by the volunteers themselves.