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Life is Elsewhere

To drop out some day – many dream of that.

We are concerned with getting in: Live and work in a different world for one year, with other people, other problems and a different culture.  That is a courageous step that’ll be rewarded with impressive experiences – experiences that will give your whole life a different perspective.

For a volunteer service about SoFiA e.V. apply you here.

SoFiA organises and arranges volunteer services for peace and reconciliation abroad.  SoFiA prepares and supports services ranging from child care, youth work, care for disabled persons and educational work through to support for homeless people and refugees – from Europe to Overseas, e.g. in France, India, Rwanda, Poland, Romania, Uganda, Bolivia or Brazil.

A Social Learning Service

But SoFiA is not a development aid project in the conventional sense of the term.  SoFiA is a social learning service that opens new perspectives for volunteers for their own lives through their personal contribution towards international understanding.

Reverse services in Germany

For foreign volunteers there is the possibility of reverse service. This enables people from other countries to perform a voluntary service in Germany and means the opening up of the previous one-way road of voluntary services in both directions. Since 1998, more than 90 volunteers from 16 nations have been active in the Diocese of Trier.