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In emergencies please contact the following telephone numbers:

fid-emergency-cell phone: 0049-(0)163-8830882

is available with help and advice for volunteers, for their companions and for relatives!

1) Call for help "I desperately need some advice!"

The fid-service and information center for international volunteer services is usually accessible during the day via the hotline: 0049-(0)221-8896-114. At all other times we are 24/7 accessible via the fid-emergency cell phone 0049-(0)163-8830882, for example with problems like..

"I do not know what I can do now in my situation! What should I do?"
"The support for my illness, disaster or repatriation is not working!"
"I put in a tight spot! Worse accident, robbery, shock or urgent question! "

2) Crisis situation: disaster, war and civil war

• Please hold close contact with the local people, which may classify the situation better.
• Turn thee. To your companion / inside
• Find out more at the German embassy under www.diplo.de and if possible follow the instructions of the Foreign Ministry or the Embassy
• Talk to your support organization (in Germany)

Start the call for help at fid: 0049-(0)221-8896-114

Look in your mailbox: fid sends regularly a message for every fid-insured as a personal mail and will communicate with you via the homepage http://fid.ageh.org/ Check >News and Actual Topis<

Ask at fid via the fid-emergency cell phone 24/7: 0049-(0)163-8830882

3) Medical emergencies

Treatment by a doctor: If you need a treatment by a local doctor you can proceed as following:
You pay directly for the service in cash (remember to bring it!). Remember to ask for the document or the bill for the treatment, which you‘ll need for subsequent settlement with the health insurance, for example if you have a private insurance or through the FiD group contract.

Hospital: If you need to be hospitalized or you were brought there because of an acute illness or because of the consequences of accidents, then let me know at your medical emergency headquarters MD Medicus under TEL. 0049-(0)2247-9225013 or trans@md-medicus.net and register there: "I am insured in the FiD group contract AW 3001", provide your personal information and ask for "cover note" for treatment at the hospital. The will then be faxed directly to the hospital.

Repatriation: A medical repatriation always depends on whether it is advised or ordered by the German doctors in the international emergency centre after a thorough medical case consultation with the locally doctors handling the treatment. If you are insured within the fid-group agreement, call or advice somebody to call: 0049-(0)2247-9225013.

The circumstances for a medical repatriation will depend on the appropriate treatment in the host country. A decision will be taken, if necessary, without delay. A suitable transport for proper treatment in another city, another country or to Germany will be organised, with all the necessary details.