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Diocese of Trier

Based on a cooperation agreement in 1992 the Diocese supports the work of SoFiA e. V. financially. So the Diocese of Trier bear all costs associated related with the management of SoFiA e. V. The manifold merits of the office include the administrative tasks associated with the preparation and selection, application and the follow-up of volunteers. In addition the Diocese is responsible for the coordination between the participating institutions and the entire field of public relations.

In addition, the Diocese participates in the cost of deployment of the volunteers (cf. verview of the breakdown of costs).
We are very grateful for this participation and our cooperation partners.

In this cooperation, one aspect of the diocese’s universal Church Mission is realized. This was formulated within the Synod of Wuerzburg, 1975 in its resolution “Development and Peace” for the Catholic Church in Germany: Social Service for Peace and Reconciliation (

The institutional link between SoFiA e.V. and the Diocese is the Diocesan Agency World Church we are collaborating with.