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Cooperation Partners

Beside SoFiA and its members there are quite a few stakeholders more, who allow the implementation of voluntary services. These are mainly the partner organisations with their local operating sites abroad and the German cooperation partners and groups, where the foreign volunteers are used. Also important is the voluntary commitment of host families and others that facilitate the arrival of our foreign volunteers.

The SoFiA partners include:

fid Project Services Office for international voluntary services

Diocesan agency Universal Church in the Diocese of Trier

Social learning services in the Diocese of Trier

Diocese of Trier

Caritas association for the Diocese of Trier e.V.

Catholic Federal Association for Voluntary Services

Youth House Dusseldorf 

Moreover SoFiA is working in the concrete implementation of the voluntary services in the following countries together with the following partners:

Hochwald Gymnasium Wadern (for Bolivia)

Mandacaru (for Brasil)

Max Plan Gymnasium in Trier (for Benin)

Solidaritätskreis Westafrika e.V. (for Burkina Faso)

Auguste Victoria Gymnasium in Trier (for India)

MSFS Southeast India Province (for India)

Förderverein Kinderpfade Indien e.V. (for India)

Sawa - gemeinsam e.V. (for Jordan)

Dekanat Daun (for Nigeria) 

inshuti e.V. (for Ruanda)

Handwerk hilft e.V. (for Ruanda)

Malteser Hilfsdienst Diözesanverband Trier (for Ukraine)