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Executive Board is presenting itself

Dr. Maximilian Held, born 1994 in Linz am Rhein, Voluntary service 2013/14 with SoFiA in Rwanda and Bolivia, PhD in peace and conflict research, currently working as an education officer in development cooperation.


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    "I found my voluntary service with SoFiA to be a great gift. I was able to have learning experiences that still shape me today. I also look back with gratitude on my time as part of SoFiA's educational team (2015-2021), during which I was able to accompany many people in the incoming and outgoing sectors during their voluntary services. As a board member, I would like to continue to put all my energy into the high-quality educational work that sets the association apart."

Theresa Günther, born 1995 in Bad Honnef, voluntary service 2014/15 with SoFiA in Ukraine, studied "Sports Science" as well as "Health and Diversity at Work", currently prevention advisor at the Rhineland-Palatinate Accident Insurance Fund. 


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    "I find it super exciting to get to know new people and to take on different perspectives. During my year in Ukraine, I got to know myself better as well as many other people. I always look back on this time with pleasure and my experiences still influence me today. I am happy to give a small part back to SoFiA through my work on the board and to enable other volunteers to have an equally enriching time in their voluntary service."

Susanne Kiefer (CEO, Managing Director), since 2021 Head of the working area Social Learning Services in the diocese of Trier and CEO of Sofia e. V.


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    "Discovering the world, getting to know new people and cultures, constantly broadening my own horizons and enriching them with experiences. A common thread that has shaped my life privately since early childhood and later also professionally. I was allowed to be the guest of many people and open the door to my own world to many, friendships have grown from this and many memories and pictures have been placed in my living room. Every day I look back with gratitude on the encounters and experiences.
    I am happy that I can contribute my experiences from the diverse cultural encounters in my private as well as professional life to my work as the executive director of SoFiA e.V.. Overcoming borders, living solidarity, creating encounters and spaces of experience for the volunteers at home and abroad, that's what I want to work for together with the whole team and always have an open ear for the young people."

Marcel Ulrich, born 1990 in Neunkirchen, voluntary service 2013/14 with SoFiA in Ukraine, currently studying social work part-time in Koblenz and director of a day care centre in Saarland.


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    "My motivation for being on the board of SoFiA is that I would like to build bridges between different cultures, because for me all people are equal, regardless of their origin, ethnicity or gender. I became aware of this during my voluntary service in Ukraine, where I was welcomed very hospitably and without prejudice during the year. I will incorporate this positive experience into my work on the board."