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Concept and Statutes of SoFiA e.V.

In recent years and months global conflicts and challenges let us get closer together. We feel this directly by the numerous people fleeing from the conflicts in the Middle East and in Africa. We perceive it in the presence of terrorist threats in the middle of Europe. The world’s reality has arrived in Europe. Global as inner social conflicts seem to increase. We all are called to face this. We feel – Shalom – the Hebrew word for peace, is not a static or self-evident continuous state. We are called to do something for it. It is and remains an ongoing task for each and every one of us.

Particularly Christians, having received Jesus' message of reconciliation and salvation for the whole world, are called upon for peace, because it “belongs to the one mission of the Church” (the German bishops at the “Synod of Wuerzburg”).  And precisely the Catholic – which means “all-embracing” – Church has the task, as a worldwide institution, to support understanding among peoples on a global level.

For the diocese of Trier, SoFiA e.V. offers the opportunity to give a stronger expression to this universal mission of the Church.
Meetings with other people in parishes throughout the world can make it clear that the community of Christians does mean more than just belonging to the same organisation. Young women and men can contribute to this in a special way if they are willing to provide a service for peace and reconciliation voluntarily for one up to two years. 

Since an amendment in March 2014, it is also possible individuals to become a club member eV in Sofia. More information can be found here.