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30 Years SoFiA e.V.

Peace services: This is how exchange takes place

Since three decades, SoFiA e.V. has been bringing people together around the world to promote exchange, reconciliation and peace. Every year, volunteers leave their familiar surroundings, spend time with other people and experience how different life can be. They do a social peace service abroad: in Bolivia, Germany, Romania, Uganda and many other places around the world.But SoFiA are not only the volunteers. It is  the work of many people who are committed to the cause. In its anniversary year, SoFiA is dedicating an online series to this diversity.

Always on the 30th of the month,18.30 -20.30 CET on Zoom

More information and registration in Englishauf Deutsch   -   en Español


  • Are you looking for guidance in your life?
  • You still do not know exactly where it is to go long?
  • You want to get out of your daily routine and experience something?
  • You want to support charity projects and people in a foreign country in their work?
  • You are interested in the exchange between different cultures?
  • You want to learn a new / different language?
  • You want to learn about another culture with all its sides?
  • You want to strengthen contact and cooperation between Germany and other countries?

Then you are exactly right here near Sofia!

Anyone can participate and every 18 years. Interested? Make sure you consider something to our site.