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Sofia e. V. - Contact persons

Ursula Eraßmy (secretary)
Jesuitenstraße 13, 54290 Trier
Telefon: 0651/99 37 96 - 301
(Mon-Thur 7:00-15:00 h, Fri 07:00-12:30 h)
E-Mail: ursula.erassmy(at)soziale-lerndienste.de

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    "Working at the secretariat of SoFiA e.V. is distinguished mainly by its versatility. The contacts with our German and foreign volunteers and partner groups or employment places always bring new perspectives and challenges. This is what makes the work for me exciting and extraordinary."

Peter Nilles (executive director)
Jesuitenstraße 13, 54290 Trier
Telefon: 0651/99 37 96 - 306
E-Mail: sofia(at)soziale-lerndienste.de

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    “The last letter from my missing uncle in Stalingrad, which I found as a child on the atic of my parents' house, was crucial for me to refuse military service. That is still the personal access to international peace and volunteer services for me. In addition I still profit from the experiences of my studies in Jerusalem - both from the personal feelings at my departure and return as well as the debate about war and peace in a (un)holy land ".

Alexandra Thonet (accounting)
Jesuitenstraße 13, 54290 Trier
Telefon: 0651/99 37 96 - 300
E-Mail: alexandra.thonet@soziale-lerndienste.de

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    "Working with numbers is my passion and i’m feeling in the right spot working in the accounting department of SoFiA, especially the accounts of the volunteers are always a new challenge. "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry: "One sees clearly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye" is my favorite. I truly enjoy the little things of life and nice encounters that make my life worth living."

Judith Weyand (Consultant for outgoing-services)
Jesuitenstraße 13, 54290 Trier
Telefon: 0651/99 37 96 - 308
E-Mail: judith.weyand(at)soziale-lerndienste.de

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    "To discover a different country and culture is one of the most beautiful and enriching experiences a young person can make. After the end of my apprenticeship and University studies, I myself had the opportunity to spend some time and live, learn and work in various countries around the globe. During this time I met a lot of extraordinary people which helped me learn a lot about others, but also about myself.

    I am happy to now being able to accompany young people making this exciting experience. I want to support them during this process of learning and help them to have the best possible surrounding for their time abroad! Besides that I hope to encourage and contribute towards a good and friendly exchange with our partners."

Julie Cifuentes (Consultant for Reverse-services)
Jesuitenstraße 13, 54290 Trier
Tel: 0651/993796-311
E-Mail: julie.cifuentes@soziale-lerndienste.de

  • More information about Julie Cifuentes

    “By now I’ve been living in Germany for five years. A country that gave me wonderful experiences: Encounters with people, opportunities to help, the experience of learning, my masters degree, new ways of thinking, new ideas and dreams. Here in Germany my wish to find bridges between people only has been growing bigger.

    Working here at SoFiA e.V. to me means a small, first step towards the fulfilling of this dream. Here, I can motivate other young people, who made their way to a foreign country like I did, and with them find new ways and build new bridges. The collaboration with volunteers and other organisations here and on-site is a challenge that I enjoy a lot.”

Steph Mertes (Consultant for outgoing-services)
Jesuitenstraße 13, 54290 Trier
Telefon: 0651/99 37 96 - 403
E-Mail: stephan.mertes(at)soziale-lerndienste.de

  • More information about Steph Mertes

    "A volunteer service is a challenge. Not a little of what I encountered in my own service in Nigeria was difficult, tiring or sad and has led me to and beyond my personal boundaries. When I left Germany in 2010 I was curious to see, feel and experience new, different and strange things. This wish has come true and I am grateful for that. But what remaines until today is rather a feeling of solidarity and community and an awareness of all these "strange things" that became accustomed and familiar to me. I was lucky to meet people that I feel on my site until today, to see connections I did not see before my time in Nigeria and to make significant steps in my personal development.

    Working for SoFiA now gives me the possibility and chance to accompany people who make experiences which can have an influence on global society. If volunteers find a home abroad and people abroad find friends in volunteers, community and solidarity across borders of all kinds are created.This community and solidarity creates attitudes and conceptions of human beings, that focus similarities rather than differences. Thus a volunteer service can be a fragment of a common, fair and solidary world, which points beyond itself."