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Executive Board is presenting itself

Victoria-Marie Steinmetz, born 1994 in Tawern, volunteer service 2013/14 with SoFiA in Nigeria, currently studiing Historically-oriented Cultural Studies in Saarbrücken


Peter Nilles (CEO, Managing Director), born 1958, married, three children, studied theology in Trier and Jerusalem. Since 1990 Head of the working area Social learning services in the diocese of Trier and CEO of Sofia e. V.


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    “The last letter from mi missing uncle in Stalingrad, which I found as a child on the atic of my parents' house, it was crucial for me to refuse military service. That is still the personal access to international peace and volunteer services for me. In addition I still profit from the experiences of my studies in Jerusalem - both from the personal feelings at my departure and return as well as the debate about war and peace in a (un) holy land ".